The wheels keep turning

I wanted to take a moment - in the midst of building our Kickstarter campaign, planning our first event (Drag Out the Fashion), and painting the continuing the series - to update our followers on the progress.

Our first event is going to be amazing! We have an fantastic drink sponsor in Dripping Springs Vodka, so that we can mix you some awesome cocktails, the drag show is going to knock your socks off, and this will be the first time that any of the Gender Portraits paintings will be on public display.  You'll get to see all the paintings made so far, up close, and in person. This event gets bigger and grander every week, and I still have irons in the fire that could enrich it yet. Remember, friends don't let friends miss awesome parties:

Also at the event, I'll talk some about the Kickstarter. I'm putting the finishing touches on the video and reward levels this week, and will be making the fundraiser live soon. I'm pretty happy with the reward levels so far, and am getting very excited!

Last, but not least, the paintings keep on coming (I don't get much sleep). Here is a first look at the newest portrait in the series:


But that's not all! Here is a behind the scenes, sneak peek at the next portrait coming your way! It's all drawn out, and ready to be smothered in paint (carefully of course):


As you can see, there is a lot on the horizon for Gender Portraits. I've been overwhelmed by the responses so far, and I can't thank our supporters (you) enough! Your energy is what gives me energy.

Until next time!

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