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Celebrating gender diversity with paintings and stories of transgender, intersex and gender nonconforming peoples.

Advocating for sex and gender minorities through art

Personal stories alongside vibrant portraits of trans, intersex, and gender nonconforming people. Designed to start complex conversations about the gender spectrum and advocate for people with sexed bodies, gender identities, and gender expressions that exist outside of societal norms.


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We host annual arts events like the Gender Unbound Art Fest, Gender Unbound Winter Art Market, and Transgender Day of Visibility that affirm trans and intersex communities, uplift trans and intersex creators, and share vital resources.

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Start conversations
& spread advocacy

Whether in the offices and waiting rooms of health practitioners, on the walls of LGBTQ centers, in the academic hallways of universities, or in individuals' living rooms, Gender Portraits prints and books have been educating viewers and acting as an inclusive symbol for trans, intersex, and GNC people all across the United States and beyond.  

Our archival paper prints, limited edition canvas giclées, and mini-prints makes the series accessible to display on a wide range of budgets. And as a nonprofit project, all sales go toward continuing advocacy work through art and hosting community events like the Gender Unbound Art Fest.



Meet the people behind the paintings. With different gender identities, presentations, motivations and backgrounds, the subjects have been selected to broaden the viewers perspective of what a gender diverse person can be.