Press Release: Art to Change How the World Sees Gender.

Gender fluid artist explores gender nonconformists through paintings and interviews.

On April 26 2014, gender fluid artist, Drew Johnson, announced an art series that brings visibility to gender nonconformists to a larger audience called, Gender Portraits. The vibrant, realistic paintings are designed to show transgender and intersex peoples in a natural and relatable light. Johnson believes that art is the backbone of any social movement because it can carry ideas to new people in the form of entertainment.  “The interviews, blogs, and art should work in balance. The idea is to make people curious with the art, so that they seek out information instead of it being forced upon them,” said Johnson.

"Ernst" by Drew Johnson

"Ernst" by Drew Johnson

The Gender Portraits announcement coincided with the launch of it's Kickstarter Campaign. The campaign, which ends on May 26th, will raise money for the first run of the series to be launched in the fall with a line of canvas and paper prints. The inclusion of prints will allow the art to be shared across more people; increasing the impact of the movement.

The first four paintings of the series can be viewed on Gender Portraits' website and campaign page. The full collection will launch in the fall with at least ten paintings. After the series release the paintings, along with their prints, will be for sale online, at art shows and events. If you want to own a painting or print before the fall release, you can secure one as a reward in the Kickstarter Campaign. There are also exclusive prints that will only be available to campaign backers.

If the campaign funding is successful, Gender Portraits is expected to become an ongoing series after launch, with art sales funding new art and interviews. "I'm trying to create something that will only get bigger over time. After all, the larger the series becomes; the more diverse the gender spectrum appears to a new viewer," said Johnson, "I would love nothing more than for documenting gender nonconformists to become a lifelong endeavor."

Self-portrait, "Adolescence," by Drew Johnson

Self-portrait, "Adolescence," by Drew Johnson


Drew Johnson
Phone: 512-627-6972

Twitter: @GenderPortraits