Drew Riley, artist of the Gender Portraits series, is seeking new gender diverse subjects for paintings (anyone with identities, bodies, or presentations outside of gender norms). Fill out the form below to submit for consideration. Due to the volume of applicants, inclusion in the project is not guaranteed. If you are selected, you will be contacted by the artist as she begins the piece.

This is a public and highly visible project. If you do not want your information or likeness to become public, please do not enter it into this form. Most questions are optional, and any information entered may be used for public display.

The Gender Portraits series is designed to show a wide range of diversity in gender, and while everyone is encourage to submit, the artist will be prioritizing submissions to fill demographics of intersectional and underrepresented people first. Therefore if you know someone with a marginalized story to tell, please reach out to them to see if they want to share.

  • Including gender diverse youths in this project is important, but we are still creating our parental consent process. If you have a consenting parent and want to participate, please have them contact the artist to work out the details.

  • Image Specs:

    You must submit a minimum of 3 images (please send no more than 6). Photos should have a resolution of at least 5 megapixels (at least 1900 pix on images smallest side). Photos should be well lit and crisp. Using a good camera, and a friend are encouraged to get nice images to submit. Image quality will greatly affect your chances of selection as a subject in this project. Our uploader can only accept images up to 5MB in size, so you might need to save your file out at a slightly lower quality or zip your file to send it.

    Image Content:

    The minimum three images submitted should have a side, three-quarter, and front view. All images should be closely cropped bust shots (shoulders and face) on a solid background. Below are examples of these angles.

  • Optional:

    For the extra image(s) you can upload, you may include some shots that are more personal to you. These cannot replace one of the minimum 3 images (side, three-quarter, front), but can be in addition (up to 3 additional images). These photos must also be closely cropped bust shots on a solid background, but can include items that are key to your personality, different angles, or facial expressions that convey your personality or how you feel about your transition/gender. Below are some examples to help you come up with ideas.

  • End Result:

    If selected, the artist will chose her favorite photo, pick out some key information and/or quotes, and paint the result in a composition of her chosing in a style similar to the painting below.

  • Upload a File
  • More Info:

    Remember, you only have to answer what you are comfortable sharing. Not all questions are required or applicable to every party. Answers do not need to be long, but should be in complete sentences to facilitate possible quotation in the artwork.

  • None of the questions in the categories below are manditory. Some of the topics may be sensitive or triggering. It will be your choice to open them or leave them collapsed.

    • Questions about coming out and transition  
    • Closer  
    • Questions about abuse, poverty, and self-harm  
    • Closer  
    • Questions about sex and dating  
    • Closer  
    • Questions unrelated to gender  
    • Closer  
    • By submitting this form, you are granting the artist the right to use your likeness and submitted information in her work publicly. The artist retains all decision making rights including, but not limited to, rendering your image, displaying your information, and reproducing/selling the work created from it. You do not have to answer every question if you are uncomfortable with it, but the answers you do give should be honest and accurate.

    • Should be Empty: