Prudence - Mini Print

Prudence - Mini Print


Mini-Prints come with a story excerpt on the back so that you can learn about the person behind the work. Art is supposed to be a conversation starter, especially art made with visibility at its core. Our stories help you launch in to that dialogue with ease and fall in love with the art in a new way.

Printed on 130 lb. premium glossy paper, and larger than the name suggests at 8.5 x 5.5in, these prints look and feel fantastic. A splendid way to own or gift your favorite Gender Portraits piece on a small budget!

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A Little About Prudence

My name is Drew Riley, artist of the Gender Portraits series. Prudence is a self-portrait created as the third painting in a set of four self-portraits chronicling stages that I went through in transitioning.

After my stage of exploration forged a more solid understanding of identity and social confidence, I began incorporating my new selfhood into everyday life. When daily routine mixed in, a number of complications arose that made me see my gender presentations as impractical. I started taking steps to guard and relearn myself in a stage that I call prudence.