Rebecca - Mini Print

Rebecca - Mini Print


Mini-Prints come with a story excerpt on the back so that you can learn about the person behind the work. Art is supposed to be a conversation starter, especially art made with visibility at its core. Our stories help you launch in to that dialogue with ease and fall in love with the art in a new way.

Printed on 130 lb. premium glossy paper, and larger than the name suggests at 8.5 x 5.5in, these prints look and feel fantastic. A splendid way to own or gift your favorite Gender Portraits piece on a small budget!

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A Little About Rebecca

Rebecca Havemeyer, the namesake of this painting, is one of the main drag personas of Paul Soileau [pronounced, Swallow]. “Rebecca is your favorite Grandma….that character, to me, is a vessel for bringing lots of fun, lots of joy, and lots of home and family to people.“ Paul has always struggled with the male role he was assigned at birth. “I believe that these characters I do are the little voices in me screaming, ‘I’ll help you!’ Not to save me or anything, but to really allow me to explore, and to meet other people who can mentor me or inspire me.”