Josh - Mini Print

Josh - Mini Print


Mini-Prints come with a story excerpt on the back so that you can learn about the person behind the work. Art is supposed to be a conversation starter, especially art made with visibility at its core. Our stories help you launch in to that dialogue with ease and fall in love with the art in a new way.

Printed on 130 lb. premium glossy paper, and larger than the name suggests at 8.5 x 5.5in, these prints look and feel fantastic. A splendid way to own or gift your favorite Gender Portraits piece on a small budget!

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A Little About Josh

Josh Baker, in their late twenties, is questioning their gender. Josh uses gender neutral pronouns, they/them, instead of he/him or she/her. Josh is having to rediscover themself completely. “You have to spend time to figure yourself out again. For me, that also ties into the fact that I quit my career, theater, and that's all I did for ten years of my life. I had no hobbies. Finding out what my hobbies are; finding out what my interests are; it's starting from, not scratch, but pretty fucking close to scratch. I'm inventing a whole new human.”

When it comes to external presentation, “I'm still working out the details. Currently, I am sitting in gender fluid, femme of center. I don't even know if I would say female, I would say femme.”