Cavan - Limited Edition Giclée

Cavan - Limited Edition Giclée


14x18in & 3/4in deep [36x46x2cm]

Giclée [gee-clay] is a French term used in the art trade that categorizes the highest quality art prints. Our giclées are printed on a high cotton content canvas for a more natural, quality weave. Vibrant, acid-free, pigment-based inks are used for longevity. The canvas is stretched across a ¾ inch wooden frame. The edges are printed black, mimicking the original, and giving a sharp, clean look if hung without a frame. Our giclées also come with a sawtooth hanger mounted on the back for easy installation.

This option is the closest you can come to owning the original painting, without paying the higher cost for original artwork. With the limited nature of the edition, it is also collectible and tradable.

Limited Edition means only a specified number of giclée prints will be sold. This edition consist of 150 canvas prints at the original painting's size. After they are sold, no more canvas giclées will be printed in that size. Every giclée print is hand signed and numbered by the artist, Drew Riley, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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A Little About Cavan

Cavan Ó Raghallaigh is a father, a spouse, a political activist and a transgender man. He is currently going through a medical transition to make “the inside and the outside match” in order to create a more congruent self. The painting depicting Cavan shows him forty eight hours after his first surgery.