DEAL - 5 Buttons

DEAL - 5 Buttons

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We all love buttons, so get a bunch!

How To Select Your Buttons

Click "Add to cart." A popup will appear to let you select your designs. If you want to buy multiples of this button deal with different designs in each set, buy one set and return to this page to buy the next set. If you buy multiples at once, you will only buy duplicates of the same button selection.

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About the Buttons

As a transgender person, I've grown frustrated with the lack of exciting merchandise for trans* pride. I need something that is more than just the trans flag, the trans symbol, or a combination of the two. So I went to work creating designs, and wouldn't accept one unless I felt I would geek out if I saw it in passing.

I also made sure the designs covered a wide range of interests so that everyone could find something they like. I made buttons that would appeal to allies, fans of the project, trans people, non-binary people, and other gender diverse/questioning people. Some are clever, some are simple, but all are awesome. Just like you!

So get them while they last! Our buttons are 1.25 inches in diameter. They are large enough to hold a detailed design, but aren't so big that they are an eye sore or cumbersome. Made of at least 60% recycled American steel with a high gloss weather resistant protective mylar covering, and a safety pin back. USA made and sourced.