DEAL - 5 Archival Paper Prints

DEAL - 5 Archival Paper Prints

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Normally $35 each, but if you buy three they're only $140. Making the fifth print FREE!

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Archival Quality Paper Prints

Our Archival Paper Prints are acid-free to increase longevity. The inks are toner-based, and cured onto the paper using heat to create a very durable print. The ink becomes smudge and water resistant, though it is still on paper which is not water safe. The prints are printed on an 18in x 24in heavyweight, satin finish paper (very thick and sturdy). Testing has shown this type of print to last a year in direct sunlight with minimal fading.

The painting is centered on the 18in x 24in page with a white border around it (1⅛ inch on closest side). The border will aid in matting if matted inside of a frame. It can also be used for tack placement, if hung like a poster, so that the damaged section can be trimmed away later without altering the image. If desired, the border can be trimmed away to create a borderless image. A professional is recommended to insure clean, straight edges.

All paper prints are shipped rolled inside newsprint lined tubes. Remove the art print by pulling on the newsprint to avoid bending the art print’s edges. If left on a flat surface, the print will relax to it’s natural, flat shape in a few hours. No need to bend the print in an opposite direction.


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