Ernst - Archival Paper Print

Ernst - Archival Paper Print


Our prints come with a story card so that you can learn about the person behind the work. Our stories help you have conversations around the art and fall in love with the work in a new way.

Printed on very thick and sturdy 18x24in satin finish paper, these archival paper prints are acid-free to increase longevity. The toner-based inks are heat cured onto the paper to make a very durable print. The ink becomes smudge and water resistant (though still on paper which is not water safe). 

All paper prints are rolled and shipped inside newsprint lined tubes. Remove the art by pulling the newsprint to avoid bending the art’s edges. The print will relax to it’s natural flat shape in a few hours when left on a flat surface. No need to bend the print in the opposite direction.

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A Little About Ernst

Father and Oncology Nurse, Ernst Taylor, uses extravagant clothes and blurred gender lines as ritual in creating beauty, self-expression and therapeutic release. He says that his look, when dressing up, “developed over time. I've always liked wearing women's clothing, skirts, the material, the fabric, the way it feels [and] how it makes me feel.” But Ernst does not consider himself to be transgender, or a crossdresser. “I don't do it specifically to be female; I don't do it specifically to be male; I do it because it makes me happy. I feel beautiful.”