Speaking Engagements

Drew Riley, artist and executive director of Gender Portraits, creates engaging talks for schools, organizations, and LGBT events using the paintings and stories from documentary portrait series along with her experiences as both a trans woman and an artist documenting gender diverse people. As a nonprofit project, proceeds go toward continuing our art advocacy work and putting on community events like the Gender Unbound Art Fest.  Book an appearance, today!

Stories on Gender

Transgender artist, Drew Riley, shares stories of transgender, intersex, and gender nonconforming people from her project, Gender Portraits, and from her own life.

Great for general audiences and gender diverse communities.

Advocacy Through Art

Riley shares how she started using art to advocate for sex and gender minorities and explains how artists and community leaders can harness art as a tool for education and change.

Great for artists, community leaders, and activists/advocates.

Prices and Booking

By booking Drew Riley as a speaker, you are bringing trans representation to your school, business, or function. You are also creating an accessible and entertaining source of education about sex and gender minorities and gender issues. On top of that, booking Riley as a speaker is a great way to validate and include the trans and intersex people that your group serves.